Bert Jackson

Owner and Artist of Way Cool Tattoos, Bert has excelled in business since the year 2000. He is skilled in many artistic disciplines such as traditional Japanese Art, Portraits and realistic animal designs. With his unlimited creative abilities as a tattoo artist, he also finds his passion in Sculpting and Painting.


Whatever your heart desires, his artwork is one of a kind!


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Jamie Rhoddy - aka Monster Black

aka "Monster Black", Jamie has been a tattoo artist for over 20 years. His specialties include Black Work and Japanese Art. He moved here from Nova Scotia in 2000. His other passions are Mountain, Track and Road biking and has also been a bass player for the last 27 years.


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Rob Trouten

Robert is a friendly custom artist who enjoys doing original artwork in his own unique style. He has been professionally working since 2012. Nature and macabre subject mater are his favorite concepts to work with. He is fluent with neotraditional color work and loves doing custom lettering aswell! 


Lately his focus has been in traditional japanese and black and grey work! 


Check out his portfolio on our website or visit his updates on instagram by following @ROT10!!


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Jared Kuurila

Jared is originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario. He has been a talented tattoo artist for over 11 years. His drawings are exceptional and he has been drawing since he was a young boy. His style is very versatile, he loves ALL styles. He is a great guy to joke around with and loves spending time with his beautiful wife and children.


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Tom Brazda

Tom is Way Cool's Piercer! He has been a skilled piercer since 1989. Tom has done and seen it ALL! He is known as one of the pioneers of the Industry. He will educate you on infection control and after care to ensure your new piercing lasts you a lifetime!


He is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced  piercer's around and travels from Toronto to be a member of our family.


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Brandon B.

Brandon has been with us since 2015. Custom script and font tattoos are what he is quickly becoming known for, as well as his continuously evolving black work and "dark" tattoos. Always striving to grow and further himself as an artist, Brandon is always happy and willing to "pull the idea" out of our clients head to best prepare custom designs for them.


Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries, or if you're interested in us setting an appointment or consultation with Brandon for you.


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Christel Scott

Originally from London, Ontario, Christel moved to the Greater Toronto Area to pursue her art education at OCAD University.  After graduating from the Drawing and Painting program in 2012, Christel completed her apprenticeship here at Way Cool Oakville, and continues to tattoo professionally with us.  Christel looks forward to each new challenge, creating original tattoos with timeless impact.  Subject matter of particular interest are animals , anything nature related and simple graphic imagery, such as symbols.


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Josh Melnick

Josh started with us in 2014 as desk staff, and quickly learned as much as he could to establish himself as both our manager and Tom's apprentice. Now our Junior Piercer, Josh is enjoying his second year piercing with us, and works Sunday and Monday.  He is professional, knowledgeable, and always ready to help.


If you are interested in contributing to to the advancement of Josh's skill set, as well as a discount on surface or genital piercings, Josh is in the final stage of his apprenticeship with Tom, and offers these service for just the cost of jewelry.


Please feel free to contact us directly for further information.


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